Episode 1: Pizza!

Cozy up in your breakfast nook and tuck into a slice of Clusterfuck Kitchen! In the first episode we don't waste any time. We get right into the ultimate party food. Dough. Tomato. Cheese. PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA.

Episode 2: Corndogs!

Let's dance cheek to cheek and make some memories! It's time for Clusterfuck Kitchen, and today it's only natural to tackle the corndog.

Episode 3: Pasta!

Straight from the old country to your mouth, it's pasta day in the Clusterfuck Kitchen. Today's episode features a first time guest: great flavor! Enjoy?

Episode 4: Burgers!

Clear your calendar and tell your family to leave without you, yup, it's time for some BUH-BUH-BURGERS! This is some A++ cheese action, nothing else like it!